Photo by Stephane Godin with permission.

Regis Vincent by Stephane Godin.


I am a professional photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, the theme of my personal Art project is the city of San Francisco.

While this project does not require me to travel much, I always travel once or twice a year to more exotic locations. So far, I have been lucky to visit places all around the world. I visited many european countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, England, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Iceland, Scotland), went to Africa many times (Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia), relaxed in Dubai, La Reunion and  The Maldives, explored the Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Japan) and of course spent time closer to home visiting many  Canada provinces and 42 of the 50 US states.

In addition to Cuba, Indonesia, Burma(Myanmar) my favorite place in the US is Burning Man.


When I am not traveling or working on my personal project, I also work as a freelance photographer for some of the local events, like Mavericks, the America’s cup, or Fleet Week.




You can hire my services around the Bay Area for executive portraits, group photos, product images, or even concept images.


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