The Porsche Effect

» Posted by on Oct 18, 2018 in Featured

Last weekend I finally went to the exhibit of the Petersen Museum: The Porsche Effect. It is a superb exhibit, there is a couple of very rare cars like this Gmund 356, the last one built in Austria owned by Jeff Zwart. There are incredible pieces of history on display, like the ledgers used by early Porsche engineers to record their tasks. Some of the racing cars on display were not at Rennsport, so it’s cool to see them up close (but not like Rennsport, no peeking inside). PCA gets a full section of the exhibit with rare badges, some early club creation papers and one club coupe on display.
I have voluntarily not put up a lot of pictures because you should go. The exhibit runs until April 21st, 2019.

The rest of the museum is also extremely interesting, they have a large collection of cars that appear in movies (expected for a Los Angeles museum). It took us over 4 hours to go over the museum and we could have spent more time.

The thing that makes this museum special is the “vault” tour. The Vault tour is a tour of the underground parking garage where the museum stores all the cars they don’t have space to put on display. At this time, this is over 240 cars! We took the extended tour (2 hours) and that was barely enough to
see most of them. You cannot take any pictures in the vault, but there is some pretty incredible cars: three 928 RS, Tom Sellect’s Magnum PI Ferrari, Alpine A110. You can’t see so many unique cars in any other places, it’s just incredible.


The beautiful Petersen Museum in Los Angeles.

A very rare 901.

X83 Turbo S (for the Japanese market)

The last remaining Carrera GT Prototype (owned by Bruce Canepa).

Cool display that shows the difference between track and road 911.

The long list of 911 models.

The PCA Club Coupe at its own section

One of the 60th anniversary Club Coupe.

GGR badge was on display.