The honeycomb house by Frank Lloyd Wright

» Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in Featured

The Hanna House is located on the Stanford University campus and just reopened after a couple years of being closed for renovation/maintenance. This house is supposed to be the first work from Frank Lloyd Wright in the region. The name of this house is the honeycomb house and is Frank’s first work with non rectangular structures.

You can visit the house by signing up here. At the time of my tour, I could only photograph the outside of the house, no photography was allowed inside during the tour. While I completely understand, it was really hard because this house is such a masterpiece of modern design. I can only suggest for all of you to go visit it for yourself, it’s worth your time.

I have included here the outside images, that can give you the extra incentive to go:

The entrance of the Hanna House.

The back of the house.

Side of the house, details on the siding and windows with matching horizontal lines.

The front of the house

Details on the screens and windows that maintain unity with the sidings.

More on the house can be found here: