Art Biennale in Venice

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Finally I made it to the Art Biennale in Venice! It has been on my bucket list for a while and I have several of my friends who go every time. Even my wife went 4 years ago without me (I was probably traveling somewhere else). This year, I spent 3 weeks in Nice and I was able to spend a short weekend in Venice towards the end of the Biennale.
Like Burning Man, the pictures you see and the stories you read about this event are not complete. The Biennale is something you experience yourself and no one will have the same experience. I found the event overwhelming at time, immense, totally amazing and engaged.

While we were there, we had two days of heavy fog that grounded aircrafts and stopped public boats. While we had to walk more, it was so worth it. It’s probably my most interesting pictures of Venice.

Heavy fog in Venice.

It creates a very special atmosphere.


A two days weekend is barely enough to scratch the surface of this massive art exhibition that includes over 70 countries and many more individual artists. I had a hard time selecting a small number of pieces but in the end, I chose images to show you the diversity of medium, style, size and effects we can expect from the Biennale.  There is massive pieces like the 70ft “Horse Problem” to the miniature “Man With Axe” and everything in between. There is video work, sculpture, neon, strings, bonsai and it’s only a small sample of the incredible work of art there is to see. I know that I will be at the Biennale 2019 for sure and you should probably too. 

South African pavilion: Candice Breitz’s Love Story

The Horse Problem by artist Claudia Fontes in the Argentinian Pavilion.

Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Senza titolo (la fine del mondo) in the Italian Pavilion

Michelle Stuart, Earth Diptych (Georgia Earth), 1968. Biennale 2017 Arsenal.

Collection de chaussures by Michel Blazy. Biennale 2017, Venice.

The Mending Project by Lee Mingwei. Biennale 2017, Venice.

The Mending Project by Lee Mingwei. Biennale 2017, Venice.

Macau Pavilion: A Bonsai of My Dreams – Works by Wong Cheng Pou


Latvian Pavilion. Miķelis Fišers, Reptilian Immobilizes Hallucinating Darwinists, 2017. Light and sound installation, extruded polystyrene, structured polypropylene sheets, drawing cut in ORACAL adhesive film, LED light tape

Liliana Porter: “El hombre con el hacha y otras situaciones breves”, (Man With Axe). Biennale  – Venice 2017

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