Sailing in Svalbard: Landscape

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This last post took way more time to be written than anyone had expected. In case you are reaching this blog directly, I highly recommend reading the two previous posts about this trip:

The main reasons for me to travel to Svalbard are to see some polar bears and also capture the unique landscape of the arctic.
The weather in the arctic changes quickly from the worst to the best in couple minutes. After returning from my previous trip, I learned that my favorite images from that trip were when it was cloudy, overcast, almost stormy. I don’t know why but the pictures taken in cloudy weather seems to reflect better my feelings about Svalbard, a hard place, a challenging place.

Icebergs on the horizon

This time around, I was waiting, hoping for cloudy days. Overall we had a mix of sunny and cloudy days but again I seems to like the inclement weather better, starting with this one:

The ship is the “Helmer Hanssen”, the ship is about 30 meters tall (90 ft). The ice wall of the glacier is taller than 100m.

The “Helmer Hanssen” near Lilliehook glacier.

Lilliehöökbreen is a glacier complex in Albert I Land and Haakon VII Land at Spitsbergen

Calving of the glacier into the sea.

Hike up to a glacier with Jorgen


Our friend: Sven the reindeer.

Puffin in flight

Jorgen our first mate.

Who said that svalbard is not a beach destination.

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