Glamping in the russian river in an Airstream

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This weekend, we went glamping (short for glamour camping). I have been fascinated by the Airstream trailer forever. The aluminum-clad trailer with its mid-century modern look is incredibly beautiful, timeless and really expensive. A couple months ago, AutoCamp opened in the Russian River area. The concept is fairly simple, a luxurious campground where you can rent your own airstream on a per night basis. When I said luxurious, the shower is a no-step shower and has a rain shower head. The Airstreams are connected to all the utilities and arranged in a campground style. You don’t have to own the Airstream, you don’t have to tow it and you don’t have to park it, everything has been done for you. You just have to show up. 

Once there, you have your own campsite, complete with a firepit, lounge chairs and your own deck. AutoCamp became a sensation overnight and is generally booked solid but my wife got us one night on Friday night in February. Not the best time of year to go but that was our only option. In addition this happened to also be one of the rainiest nights in a very wet winter. But it was awesome, the luxury of those Airstreams is almost unbelievable. It was so comfy, listening to the sound of the rain on the aluminum shell while in a bed was truly remarkable.

Here is a couple of images of the camp:

A couple airstream and the clubhouse behind them.

Airstream arranged in rows at AutoCamp.

Airsteams in the middle of the redwoods at AutoCamp.

After the rain, everything was lush and wet.

The center meadow.

The clubhouse of AutoCamp Russian River

This is what the inside of our Airstream looked like:

Kitchen area of our airstream.

View of the airstream from the bedroom.

Our bedroom !

View from the bathroom looking at the length of the airstream.

Nespresso machine was not included so we brought our own.

View from our bed.

The bathroom area.

Another view of the shower area and the glass separation.

The no-step shower with elegant tiles.

The great shower head.

For info, all the images are shot with an iPhone 7+.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, we pay our night at AutoCamp. While it’s expensive, we loved it. 

Link: AutoCamp.