Made in USA: Chippewa engineer boots

» Posted by on Mar 2, 2015 in MadeInUSA

A couple years ago, I started to be aware of our reliance on cheap, imported products. I was getting concerned that nothing was Made in USA anymore. For me, Made in USA is synonym of quality goods. Remember those Levis jeans Made in USA that would last years. I think I’m part of the problem (or least I as a consumer). Who doesn’t like low prices on any products, and imported products let you stretch those dollars further. That’s a vicious circle, we prefer to buy cheap imported products, the manufacturer notices this, relocates overseas to make cheaper products, everyone wins. Not really, so a couple years ago I made the decision to buy preferably Made in USA products.

Some of those products are really hard to find, therefore I have decided to start a serie of blogs on products I bought that are Made in USA.  This post is about shoes, since about 99 percent of shoes sold in the United States are imported, I had a lot of difficulties finding shoes Made in USA but I did and I love them.

I have tried to show you the level of craftsmanship used to build this shoes. Specifically they are made using premium Goodyear® welted construction, durable oiled-leather upper gains, a cork and Vibram® rubber outsole and they can be easily resoled.

Vibram sole and full leather shoes.

Vibram sole and full leather shoes.


Details of the stiching

Details of the stiching


The company that makes them is Chippewa boot company. The shoes in the picture, are the L.L. Bean Katahdin Iron Works® Engineer Boots (made by Chippewa for L.L. Bean).

In my search for other shoes, I came across Zuzii, which is a family-owned business and makes all their shoes in Los Angeles. They don’t make men shoes so I could not test them but I like their colorful design.

As I come across great and unique products that are, against all odds, still made in the USA I will post them in this series. If you know of brands or products Made in USA, let me know by email.