November full moon – Hoover tower

» Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in Featured

Tonight I went out to take pictures of the full moon. I have always wanted an image of the Hoover tower that is on Stanford campus.

After studying the campus map, I came up with only one potential good location but there was no parking nearby and if you know the Stanford campus, it’s pretty hard to park. I found a parking spot almost 1 mile away but I figured that with enough time I would be able to walk to my location in time.

I did not know that the path I was planning on using is closed for renovation and the bridge over the San Francisquito creek is also closed. After going around (even cutting thru the golf course) and not finding any options, time was running out. Moon rise happens at a very precise time and it does not wait. When all your plans fail, improvise! All I could find was this opening in a tree where I could see a bit of the tower and the full moon.

I did not get the image I really wanted. So I will have to come back and try a different location, there is always next month full moon.