Fleet week 2012

» Posted by on Oct 8, 2012 in Featured, San Francisco

Fleet week this year was celebrating its 31th year running. Wikipedia article estimates that the event attracts over 1 million people to watch the airshow along the San Francisco bay. This year was no exception. I went as usual on Thursday to photograph the Blue Angels first practice run. The weather was largely overcast and I had some issues with my lens, so I have only a few images from Thursday (the only one which made the cut, has a 25% grey background).

But Saturday I went sailing and I got great images, including a F-22 raptor, a stealth bomber (B-2 Spirit Bomber) and images of the Blue Angels with San Francisco in the background. Shooting from a moving boat has made getting a sharp shot a more challenging exercise. Fortunately, the planes are making multiple runs, you have time to look at your images and adjusting your settings before the next run.

Overall, it was a great week but I now know where I want to be next year for the official America’s cup and Fleet Week 2013 (10/12/13 – 10/13/13).